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Jigsaw: The Favorite Saw

Do you know why jigsaws are loved, especially the ones from Sawing Pros? It’s because they make it possible for beautiful, complicated, and intricate shapes to exist. Plus, they can help burn fats too! Working with a jigsaw can help you break a sweat and get rid of the unwanted calories in your body.


jigsawAlso known as a saber tool, a jigsaw is a powerful tool that utilizes a reciprocating blade to cut through plastic and wood. Because of its thin and narrow blade that moves up and down, jigsaw users can make tight turns while cutting.

Jigsaw puzzles even got their name from this well-loved saw. The puzzles were made of wood once, and each of them needed complex artistic cuts.

Jigsaws are the best options whenever you need to make detailed and irregular shapes.


You’ll love how versatile this is. It allows you to make complicated letters, patterns, numbers, and other designs easier thanks to its thin blade. It’s easy to use, which makes it ideal even for teenagers. In fact, many woodworkers recommend it to be the first handyman tool that your kid should learn how to use. You should still guide and keep an eye on the children, of course. These tools are one of the best precision cutting tools out there. They’re also portable, and they are offered with variable speeds.



Today, jigsaws have an adjustable base which permits the blade to be inclined from an upright position to create angled cuts through various materials.

Some even have an oscillating action which pertains to the blade lunging forward with every stroke as it goes up and down. You also have the choice to switch off the oscillation or select from three oscillation levels. The higher the level you pick, the quicker the blade will cut. Despite that, you should know that oscillation results in less precise and coarse cuts. This is the reason why if you have to create accurate and clean cuts or if you’re sawing a sensitive material, you need to set the oscillation to the lowest level or turn it off. You should also remember that oscillation doesn’t work well when cutting metal, so you should switch this feature off.

Whatever you do, always cut through a scrap material first before sawing the final workpiece with your jigsaw.

Learn how to use a jigsaw today by watching the YouTube video below.

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