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4 Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Smoking pot for medicinal purposes has been proven to offer numerous benefits. Below are just some of its advantages.

Reduces anxiety

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Users of medical cannabis declare that the drug helps alleviate the pain and subdue nausea. These two are usually known to be the main side effects of chemotherapy as well.

Last 2010, Harvard Medical School researchers suggested that some of marijuana’s benefits may be caused by decreased anxiety since it improves the mood of the smoker and serves as a sedative when consumed in small doses.

Helps reverse carcinogenic effects of tobacco


In January 2012, a study issued in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that marijuana doesn’t harm the function of lungs; instead, it increases its capacity, improving lung health.

For 20 years, researchers studied the lung function of 5,115 young adults, hoping to discover the probable factors of heart disease. Over time, tobacco smokers lost their lung function, but those who smoked pot had better lung capacity.

The improvement might be caused by the taking of deep breaths while the users inhaled the drug.

May stop the spreading of cancer

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical in marijuana that could help halt the spread of the disease, according to the researchers of California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

It’s possible because CBD switches the gene Id-1 off, as per the study issued in the Journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. Cancer cells copy this gene more than noncancerous cells and therefore spread the disease throughout the body.


The researchers then chose to study breast cancer cells which had high expression levels of the said gene, and they treated it with CBD. After the treatment, the cells had a lower Id-1 expression, and the spreading was less aggressive.

According to a few studies in Spain, Israel, and the U.S., compounds in marijuana could even eliminate cancer cells.

Helps control epileptic seizures

A study carried out last 2003 showed that cannabis use could fend off epileptic seizures.

Robert J. DeLorenzo from Virginia Commonwealth University experimented with epileptic rats. He gave synthetic marijuana and marijuana extract to the subjects, and they didn’t have seizures for nearly 10 hours. THC and CBD found in cannabis control seizures by attaching to the brain cells which control excitability and regulate relaxation.

The discoveries were published in the famous Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Watch this video and see this benefit in action:

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